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Okay so it’s not very often that I post anything un art (or science) related, But I found myself procrastinating with my sketchbook on my lap the other day and came up with this little poem and a quick sketch of it. and thought it may be nice to share


so here it goes…

“Where Once the apple’s grew down low,

Upon the many twisting bough’s,

Sit’s a songbird all so clever,

Head to tip toe dressed in feathers.

Like a crook he don’s a mask,

To aid his theft of jewels and glass.

His beak is sharp and eyes flash bright,

as he goes snooping in the night.”


That’s all folk’s 🙂

I quite enjoyed this so I may do more on my breaks between doing my large Microscopic inspired piece, all comments welcome 🙂

Here’s a sneak peak of the large drawing I’m working on for those of you who are curious.

Its got a little bit of everything in it 🙂

From sand, seeds,viruses, jewels,cells, neurons, organisms, and pretty much anything else I find visually inspiring and that fits in aesthetically.

Natures Hidden Gems


There’s still a lot left to do though so ill keep you all posted 😀